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Aphad S.r.l. does its utmost to protect your privacy. This policy outlines how we collect and how we may use the personal data we hold about you.

What are cookies and how we use them

A cookie is a simple text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device by a website’s server. Only that server will be able to retrieve or read the contents of that cookie. It will contain some anonymous information and it will allow the website to remember some data.

Why we use cookies

We are always looking for better ways to improve our website and to make it easier for you to get to know the services we offer.
Cookies have been divided into categories according to their functions, i.e. there are strictly necessary cookies, functionality cookies, performance cookies, behavioural (or advertising and targeting) cookies, third party cookies, session cookies and persistent cookies.

This website features only a few of them

How to control and manage cookies

Your browser’s “Guide” section should help you manage your cookie settings. If you do not wish to receive cookies, it is possible to change your browser’s settings so that you will be notified whenever a cookie is sent. You may also set your browser to delete them after they have been placed on your hard drive. You may choose whether to accept or refuse the cookies created by our website in our cookie settings page. We inform you that our website mostly functions without cookies, but if you choose to refuse some of them, some areas of the website may not function properly.

How to enable or disable cookies on your browser

This information may vary according to browser updates.

Apple Safari:
1. Choose “Preferences” in your taskbar, then go to the “Privacy” panel in the following window.
2. In the “Accept cookies” section you may specify if and when Safari shall save cookies from web browsers. For further information click on the “Help” button (the one with a question mark).
3. For more information about managing cookies on Safari, please check the following page:

Google Chrome:
1. Click on “Tools”;
2. Select “Settings” and then “Show advanced settings”;
3. Select “Content settings” in the “Privacy” section;
4. To accept cookies, select “Allow local data to be set” in the “Cookie” section to allow both first-party and third-party cookies. If you only want to accept first-party cookies, select the “Block third-party cookies and site data” checkbox.
To completely disable cookies, select “Block sites from setting any data”.
5. Chrome allows you to set different levels of cookie managing.
For further information please check this page:

Microsoft Internet Explorer:
1. Click on the “Tools” button and then on “Internet Options”;
2. Select the “Privacy” panel and move the slider to set what types of cookies are blocked or allowed (move it up to block them all, or down to allow them all)
3. Click on “OK”
4. Internet Explorer allows you to set several levels of cookie managing. For further information please check this page:
Microsoft Edge:

Mozilla Firefox:
1. In the taskbar placed in the top part of your browser, select “Tools” and then “Options”;
2. Select the “Privacy” panel;
3. Set “Firefox will:” to “Use custom settings for history”;
4. Uncheck “Accept cookies from sites” and save your preferences;
5. For further information about cookie managing on Firefox, please check the following page:

For any other browser:
Please check the support page of the browser you are using.
If you are using different devices to visit and access the website (e.g. computer, smartphone, tablet, and so on) you must make sure that every browser on every device is set to comply with your preferences as regards cookies. In order to delete cookies from the browser of your smartphone/tablet, please refer to the device’s instructions for use.

Is it mandatory to accept cookies to visit the website?

No, it is not. It is possible to disable cookies, including those used on our website, by simply disabling cookies in your browser or by refusing consent to the policy. However, some areas of the website as well as other web pages may not function properly when this is done. For example, if the authentication provided by cookies is missing, you will not be able to log in to your Customer area.

Accepting or refusing cookies

By continuing to browse this website, by closing the info banner, by clicking on any area of the page, or by sliding on the page to read further content, you are accepting the cookie policy of Aphad S.r.l. and agreeing to allow the creation and use of cookies. In case you abandon browsing and thus fail to accept cookies, any cookies locally set into your browser will be stored there but they will be neither read nor used by Aphad S.r.l. until you later accept its Cookie Policy. You will always be entitled to delete such cookies at any time through the methods explained in the paragraph “How to enable or disable cookies in your browser”.

Cookies used on this website

Technical cookies
This website uses cookies for specific limited purposes, in particular to make browsing easier for the user, for purposes of internal security, for system administration, and statistical analysis of its users’ preferences. The cookies used on this website belong to the category of “technical cookies”, i.e., the cookies that are only used to the purpose of “carrying out the transmission of a communication on an electronic communications network, or insofar as this is strictly necessary to the provider of an information society service that has been explicitly requested by the contracting party or user to provide said service” (Pt 1 of Section 122 of the Personal Data Protection Code). Such cookies are normally installed by the data controller or website manager and are grouped into:

  • browsing or session cookies, which are essential to navigate around a website and use its features (e.g., to purchase something or to access secure areas of the website);
  • functionality cookies, which allow the user to browse the website according to selected criteria (e.g., language, or products that have been selected for purchase) with the purpose of improving the browsing experience.
    Such cookies are listed in the grid below and require no prior consent from the user to be installed.

Third party cookies
This website also uses third party cookies, i.e., cookies created by a website other than the one shown, which are used to provide users with further services and functionalities and to improve the use of the website itself. This cookie policy does not apply to third party services and this website has no control on their cookies, which are entirely managed by their respective third parties; nor is the website able to access any information that may have been collected through such cookies. As a consequence, information about the use of cookies and about their purposes, as well as about the methods to disable them if desired, is provided directly by third parties on the pages indicated below.

In particular, this website uses cookies from the following third parties:

Google Analytics
This website uses Google Analytics for statistical purposes. It is a web analysis service provided by Google, Inc., and it uses cookies that are stored on the user’s computer to allow for statistical cluster analysis as to the usage of the chosen website. Beside cookies, Google also uses a pixel tag See
Data generated by Google Analytics are stored by Google as indicated in the following notice:
In order to read the Privacy Policy of Google, Inc., as the data controller for data processing via Google Analytics, please check:
This website has applied the IP anonymization procedure supplied by Google described on the following page: and it has accepted the “Google Analytics Data Processing Amendment v20130906” offered by Google Analytics as pursuant of Directive 95/46/CE, whereby Google commits itself to process data according to the requests of the customer/website controller and not to share it with other services unless required by the customer himself through website settings. We remind you that the controller of this website has not linked Google Analytics to any extra service, and that no advertising or data sharing option has been activated.
In the light of these contrivances, Google Analytics, which this website uses for statistical purposes, is activated upon opening the website, considering that no prior consent to receiving cookies is requested from the user.
The opt-out browser add-on to disable Google Analytics is available at the following link:

Google Maps
Google Maps is an online mapping application provided by Google. For further information on the use of data and on their processing at Google, we recommend you check the following pages: and

For further information about cookies,

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Last updated in November 2016